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Girl Scout Leaders' Journal
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Saturday, December 13th, 2008
10:11 pm
Indoor games for Brownies?
Hi everybody!
I have a Brownie Girl Scout troop that meets once a week for an hour and a half. We meet on a weeknight in a church basement rec room, and the girls are usually full of energy. They sit at tables and do whatever badge or other work we're doing, but by the end of the meeting, I have difficulty keeping them from running around the room, which is a little dangerous. There are lots of tables and chairs in the room, and there are ceiling support poles in the way too. I wish we had access to a gym, but we don't, and it gets dark too early to go to the park.

Any ideas for things we can do? Mostly while we wait for moms and dads to come pick them up at the end of the meeting. That's when they tend to get boisterous. :)

I'm looking at the games in the Playing Around the World badge, and the similar games on page 130 of the Handbook. I'd love other ideas though!

Hm. We sing songs at the beginning of the meeting. Maybe we should move that to the end of the meeting.

Thank you!

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
9:30 pm
New to GS Adults
Hello all
I'm a long time Girl Scout as a kid, I did the full 12 years that were avaliable at the time, and Iv'e finally gotten back into the scouting world. So this is my first year as an adult volunteer and I've managed to get roped into co-leading a Cadette/Senior/Ambassador troop (though we have no Ambassadors atm) as well as being the Camping Chair for our council.

I figured I would join here to see about getting hints and advice as I need it. Right now I don't really have any questions but I figured I'd give my introduction anyways. This should be a really exciting year, I just hope that I am not in over my head. But since my work likes for me to have volunteer activities, I'm sure I can fudge things at work from time to time as needed to take care of girl scout things.

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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
5:22 pm
Two years for Brownies?
It's starting to become 'standard' around here to bridge girls at the end of fifth grade out of Juniors and into Cadettes/Studio2B/whatever they choose to call themselves. The reasoning is that since girls are moving into middle school in sixth grade, it's important to have them feel like they're moving up in Girl Scouts as well. I'm of two minds about it, but I do agree that something that improves retention is most likely a good thing.

The thing I'm having a little trouble with, though, is that it would mean just two years in Juniors, if a troop did what is also standard and bridged to Juniors at the end of third grade. I personally feel like the Junior program is so rich and deep that it would be a shame to only experience it for two years!

So, naturally, that made me think about bridging to Juniors at the end of second grade, since technically third graders can be either Brownies OR Juniors. Adding to this thought is the fact that I will have a girl who was in my troop last year (as a Daisy) going straight into second grade this year. As a result, we'll probably become a mixed-grade troop. If I bridge the younger ones 'early' and the older ones 'late,' we can always stay on the same program level. Of course, I risk not retaining the older ones, according to the bridge after fifth grade theory, but I'll cross THAT bridge when I come to it.

Why does this matter now? Well, I've been working with what the girls say they want to do, and while I think they can have a very full Brownie experience in just two years, I will do things differently if they are in Brownies for two years versus three years. That probably doesn't affect too much what we will do in the next three or four months, but after that, it does!

So... does anyone have any experience or thoughts regarding this? My gut is telling me to plan on bridging them (at least the younger ones) after second grade. But I haven't heard of anyone who did this!
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
7:44 pm
Hello, I was thinking about making a Girl Scout leader community and then I found this one. Looks like there aren’t too many of us on lj.

I’m Linda and I have a Daisy troop and a coming this fall a Brownie troop. Our community has trouble getting Daisy troops started so I decided to stay and keep the troop going. So far I only have 1 girl registered for the fall but once school starts and I am in contact with parents, I’m sure I’ll shot right back up to the 16 I had last year.

I need some advice about how to budget for the coming year. Last year (we started in January) we just charge a flat $10 for supplies and we used every last penny. We also used a lot of supplies we already had around from our own kids and I had access to unlimited copies because I was still in college. Things are way different this year.

I tried making a budget with things I think we will be doing and will need but it is hard to plan a year in advance. I was thinking about just going with a flat $25 per girl but this could be add up what with the $10 registration fee and the cost of uniforms. (I make them optional but have found if one is going to get it then they all are). Perhaps I could go with $15 in the fall and then ask for another $10 or $15 in January?

How do you do your budget?

Also, do you know of any place to get fun patches cheaper than at the council store? I have heard there are websites to buy from but I have been able to find any worthwhile.

Thanks for your help.
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
9:25 pm
Meeting Frequency
This community is pretty slow, but I thought I'd try to give it a kick in the pants, so to speak...

How often do you have your troops meet?

For reference, I had a Daisy troop this year. We met twice a month (first & third Thursdays) for one hour. It worked well, except for January and April, when the first week of the month fell during school vacations.

They've just bridged up to Brownies, though, and as part of our Bridging stuff, as well as general end-of-the-year wrapping up, they generated a huge list of service projects they want to do, field trips they want to take, try-its they want to earn, and things for the troop that they want to buy after selling calendars and cookies. In short, they have come up with much more than we can do in two hours per month. :)

So I'm considering a three on, one off schedule, with the fourth Thursday mostly used for field trips. I figure that people generally have the day 'blocked off' since the chance of another activity being the second and fourth Thursdays is really small! For various reasons, expanding the length of the meetings (to an hour and a half, say) is not an option, at least not at this point.

Does anyone use this type of schedule? Do the parents get confused? I only have seven (maybe eight, they may be moving) in the troop, and I figured that if I make this change, I need to do it now, over the summer, before I get a new crop of girls and totally confuse the new parents. Any thoughts, tips, suggestions?
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
2:40 pm
New person
I'm Mountain Goat (I really do respond to that name better than my legal name) and I lead the CWU (Central Washington University) Campus Girlscouts which just started this year. I'm also in charge of my service unit's spring encampment, as well as counseling during the summer. This is the second year I've been a girl scout, I spent a year and a half with the best troop on earth (yay for 1238!) and my leader inspired me to lead others, however I am not old enough to officially lead a troop, so I am working on finding a troop in my area to mentor. Which is why I came here. I'm working on a programme to connect music students at the university with brownies for a music badge night (I'm also in the music dorm) and regretfully cannot find the requirements for the brownie try-it for music. Does anyone want to be incredibly nice and type them out for me?
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:46 pm
Hello & welcome!

So far the community doesn't have much traffic, but I hope that will change. There doesn't seem to be a centralized community anywhere on the internet (that I have found) for Girl Scout Leaders. I'm hoping that those of us that are leaders/advisors can get together here to share ideas, ask for advice, and make and receive suggestions to help us serve the girls better.

For my own introduction, I'm Kash, and I was a Girl Scout for ten years as a girl; this is my second year as an Adult Girl Scout and my first as a leader! I am the leader of Troop 2517 in Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia, and this year we are just starting out as a Daisy troop! At the moment we have eight little Daisies signed up and all of us are so excited to start the year. One thing that my co-leader and I are still looking for is an older girl program aide/leader in training to come to our meetings as well. We think it'd be excellent for the older girl, excellent for our girls, and a little bit of help for us besides, but so far we have no 'takers' from any of the girls in our service unit.

When you join, please, post an introduction post, giving as much or as little detail as you are comfortable sharing.
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